You Can Bury Me In Target’s Parking Lot

We all gotta go sometime. When I do, just jackhammer a hole in Target’s parking lot and stick me in it.

Nope, I won’t mind shoppers rolling over my grave in search of their own red bull’s-eyed bliss.

So here’s what I’m planning to toss in my cart on my next Target run:

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Roller- $18.99

Merona® Women's Wool Peacoat Jacket – Teal - $40.00

Merona® Collection Petites Printed Cardigan – $29.99

Women's Mossimo® Valda Ruffle Flats – Cranberry - $24.99

Sizzling Seduction by Gwyneth Bolton - $5.99

Now if my $$$ gets short, the shoes will probably go first. Hmmm...then maybe the eyeroller. But the clothes and Gwyneth's book are definitely headed for the cash register!

Is a Target run on your schedule? If so, what’s in your big red buggy?

Where Romance and Make-up Collide

I’m streamlining ya’ll.

First, the beauty blog's retired. Well… kinda. It’s more like I'm writing beauty posts over here now under one umbrella.

Also, from now on I’ll be writing my romance novels as Phyllis Bourne. Don’t worry; Mr. PBW is still my real-life hero. However, writing under my full (and long) name has been too cumbersome.

What does this mean blogwise?

For beauty lovers – plenty of beauty product and make-up reviews, but I’m branching out to include fashions I’m lusting over. You’re already in Target, might as well pick up a cute shirt to go with your new lipstick. And probably some candy!

For romance readers - I LOVE romance novels! My bookshelf, Kindle and iPod (audio) are crammed with ‘em. So there’ll be posts about the fun stuff that goes into writing one (like the Parisian Patisserie and chocolate truffle cooking classes I sighed up for to research my new WIP) as well some of my own reader favorites.

For everyone – Target is calling my name. See ya next post!